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Maksi d.o.o. fabrika obuće Visoko.
Maksi Visoko

"MAKSI" d.o.o. Visoko footwear factory was founded in 2009. Since the establishment of the company, the main activity has been the production of footwear.

Business success is based on business cooperation with well-known customers abroad, among which we single out: Alpina, Baltes, Effe tre sport. Trying to maintain the growth trend of success in business, the company invests in the purchase of a building with 5000 m2 of space.

Currently, 120 workers are employed.

More about us
Business cooperation with well-known brands: Alpina, Baltes, Effe tre sport

In the development and design department, knowledge, creativity and youth are synthesized with experience and skill to develop new, inventive products while respecting all shoemaking norms and standards. In other words, the goal is the creation of beautiful and elegant, but at the same time functional, wearable, and quality products.

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Our products can be found in the markets of the countries of the European Union, the United States of America, Canada, and Japan.

Through constant investments in technology and knowledge, we have achieved a high level of productivity and quality.


Osnovna djelatnost proizvodnja obuće.
Maksi Visoko

Footwear Factory Maksi Ltd. in its production facility in Visoko completes the complete production cycle of footwear, from material tailoring to assembly.

Our business strategy is to constantly increase productivity by investing in new technologies and employee education, and today we offer everything involved in the production process, from design, through development and production to finished footwear.

Footwear Factory Maksi Ltd. It produces high-quality men's and women's footwear, mostly work footwear, in very small batches and with very flexible delivery times.

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Office building with 5000 m2 of space and 120 employees

Ultimately, we desire to constantly improve the production process. We strive to maintain the trend of growth, and all employees participate in this process, creating our brand with their efforts. We are a reliable business partner. This is what many colleagues who have been choosing our footwear for many years are talking about.

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Expansion of production, employment of new workers, acquisition of new equipment, and continuous improvement to respond even more readily to the demands of the market is our basic strategy, and this is recognized by our partners.

Our assortment is wide. With the help of modern, sophisticated technology, we create trekking, protective, military, sports, waterproof, and, of course, fashion footwear that meets all styles and trends with its design.

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